A Lucrative Product Line


Markets Broker offers an exceptionally wide variety of major, minor and exotic currency pairs. Invest on the global forex markets, benefiting from narrow spreads and versatile leverage reaching 200:1.

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Add variety to your trading portfolio with our diverse suite of Contracts for Difference (CFD’s). Choose from a range of products including popular global indices, market-leading stocks, and volatile commodities.

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Pick from Markets Broker’s broad selection of commodities. Trade raw energy products, such as crude oil and natural gas, agricultural commodities like sugar and corn, or metals such as gold and silver.

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Invest in the stocks of the biggest and strongest brands from every type of vertical. Trade on tech giants like Apple, auto manufacturers like Fiat, beverage companies like Coca Cola and many more.

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Choose from a comprehensive selection of indices, and join the action investing on exchanges spanning every continent, from the Hong Kong Hang Seng, to the US Nasdaq, or the German Dax.

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